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FASD: Supervision, Consultation & Co-production.

Do you need support to navigate theory into practice?

We provide specialist support through consultation, co-production and/or supervision to dig into the detail, to listen and interpret pathways to support families at a local and national level.

Supervision: we provide time to listen and support for stuck cases or where disruption is likely, where multi agency professionals need support to look through the lens of FASD to unpick the challenges to find solutions.


With the NICE Quality Standards for FASD released how will this impact your practice?

How can your team adapt to support carers and parents with children, young people or adults with undiagnosed & diagnosed FASD?

How do you develop management plans for children, young people and adults with FASD?

Do you or will you be supporting children, young people or adults with undiagnosed or diagnosed FASD?

How do you differentiate trauma, adverse childhood experiences, attachment difficulties & FASD?

We provide training, 1:1 support or case study team analysis.

Co-production: lived experience can shape a service by the people that use it; we offer a team of 'co-production trained' experienced carers & parents with lived experience to support your team in looking for honest answers, out of the box solutions; we will explore instinctively what works and what doesn't and look for the gaps where financial savings can be made by shared good practice.

We can provide a refreshing incite and overview of living with FASD; the challenges, the marathon wins, strategies that make a difference to families and individuals & support routes for referral.

To discuss your needs email:


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