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New to FASD for parents.

An online course with a difference....... we move forwards at your pace, each session is led by the group where we will find our way together.

“We were made to feel welcome from the start, we talked about what we were seeing in my daughter and it went from there........ great!!! "
"We learnt all we needed to without feeling overwhelmed and then together looked at what we really needed as a family. It really made sense and has made a massive difference. I can genuinely say this has been a life saver for me”

As well as being parents and taxi drivers to our children some of us have a background in health, training and education! We all have busy lives because of our children's needs so we needed to develop a program that works around you (and us!) so together we will give you the basics but delivered in a way that makes sense as it relates to your child. We will talk about the challenges you face in a safe space which is completely confidential.

We know from practice that we learn more from each other as we live and breathe supporting children with undiagnosed and diagnosed FASD every day.

What does that mean and what is ahead... together we will look at a way forwards.

A six week course at your own pace

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