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What is FASD? for Secondary Schools & Colleges

Subsidised price @ £30.00 (ending soon)

Bitesize online delivery for Secondary Schools & Colleges

The session will be tailored to consider the young people in your care with prenatal exposure to alcohol through diagnosed or undiagnosed Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder; how they currently present and how anticipated emerging needs can be considered.

Course outline:

·       What is FASD?

·       How brain damage impacts learning

·       Processing information, methods of communication, confabulation

·       FASD strategies to support the classroom, outdoors and school trips

·       Sensory needs & supporting the challenges

·       Masking & blending in to keep safe

·       Exams, tests and assessments

·       New framework for OFSTED & the NICE Quality Standards for FASD

Good practice in providing neurodevelopmental support informs us that working towards being ‘FASD Responsive’ includes a whole School approach by empowering all members of the team that comes into contact with child/ren with FASD or likely FASD; these Bitesize sessions can be adapted to meet the audience & delivered at a time that suits you.

£30 per candidate (90 minute bitesize online live delivery)

Includes Certification & FASD Resources

©FASD Informed UK

Image with kind permission of our FASD Friend @Charlie Mackesy


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