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What is FASD? Bitesize for Schools, Alternative Provision & Colleges

Developmental Trauma & Neuro-developmental Disorder Training: £30.00

What is FASD?

Bitesize online delivery for all School staff and volunteers

The session will be tailored to consider any children in the School with diagnosed or likely Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder; how they currently present and how anticipated emerging needs can be considered.

• What is FASD?

• Brain development

• FASD strategies to support existing & emerging needs

• Anticipated challenges ahead

• How can my department adapt to meet the FASD needs of children e.g dining room staff, playground staff, school trips, forest school, teaching, support, volunteers, senior staff?

Good practice in neurodevelopmental support informs us that working towards being ‘FASD Responsive’ includes empowering all members of the team including all staff & volunteers that comes into contact with child/ren with FASD or likely FASD.

£30 per candidate (1 hour bitesize online delivery)

Includes Certification, FASD Resources, FASD Curriculum & membership of the FASD Informed professional network

©FASD Informed UK

Image with kind permission of our FASD Friend @Charlie Mackesy


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