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FASD Friends: 1:1 Support.

We know that there are times where you cannot talk amoungst other people, we get it.

FASD Friends family support : we aim to help you come out of the shadows. You may be facing a new diagnosis or need support to help find one. We don't give advice or guidance but do help you find your way with support and friendship.

“We had spent years trying to find a diagnosis and then when we had it confirmed felt like we were in complete fog with all we had been told. After talking everything through we felt like we could find a way forwards, strongly recommend everyone takes time out to do this.”
"We tried to find a diagnosis but just didn't know which direction to go in. Talking through the options with someone who has been through it themselves helped massively.... since then we have a plan!"

Trying to navigate your way through a broken system? Facing a constant sea of doubters? Constantly being turned away, being referred and then referred again? .........all of this and much more is experienced by so many parents of children and young adults with undiagnosed and diagnosed FASD. It is totally exhausting and overwhelming.

We don't claim to be able to know all the answers and sometimes there just isn't any but it helps massively to talk to experienced people who can support you to find a way forwards.


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