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FASD for Alternative Provision, Colleges & Schools

A selection of online bespoke support & courses providing an overview of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder with the option to work towards higher level learning; embedding good practice in the classroom and when supporting carers/parents.

Short bitesize courses: We have several training packages including a whole School/College overview, offering a bitesize session that can be planned around a busy a School/College day. We provide an essential introduction of the key challenges related to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), strategies to support and practical solutions to consider to best meet the needs of the child in your care.

FASD Informed programmes: Content will be tailored to suit the needs of the child, providing an overview to a limitless amount of staff who support the child/ren, tailored to support the child's developmental stage to differentiate the curriculum offer, where we drill down into the detail of clinical reports and interpret recommendations to make the most impact.

We can support your staff in meetings with parents and professionals; this includes discussion on suggestions of how to thread through good practice in SEND reviews and classroom support.

Discussion can be tailored according to the experience of staff and needs of the family, for example to include supporting review of risk assessments to support the child in the classroom, playground & off site and how to consider planning for emerging needs with the aim to put a management plan in place to map future transitions.

Consultation: We can provide EHCP graduated support, EHCP review support and FASD consultation where needed, with ongoing direct support via email & TAF meetings.

For more details of our bespoke packages or to reserve a place in our next group of dates please email: 

Sorry we don't provide cake!

"We are now confident in supporting families with children with FASD and its complex needs, where staff are empowered to tune into children's 'superpowers' and celebrate them..... we were asked in our inspection how we support children who are previously looked after or who have has adverse childhood experiences; we gave strong examples of the difference being 'FASD informed' made to us and the children's lives in and outside of the School.... our School is richer for it. We showed in inspection how we have adapted and tuned into the needs of families who are the most vulnerable in our community; inspectors described this as excellent practice"
"This took us from firefighting to planning, we didn't know what we didn't know, with support we tuned in where the difference is huge"
“Like a breath of fresh air we were given the basics which was enough for us to be able to start shaping a discussion and threading actions into our SEND meetings.”
"I wish I had of found this years ago it gave my staff confidence to talk to parents and really listen, thank you"


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